“Hon’ne” and “Tatemae”

Via "Hon'ne" and "Tatemae": A Basic Explanation For Westerners, By a Westerner. I got turned onto this blog by Irina and I'm really glad I visited. It is well written and interesting. (WAIT – You Guys Haven’t discovered The Unpopular Poplar!!??!!) https://youtu.be/cdMgKD-_nlQ I think we all have our private and public persona. There are things … Continue reading “Hon’ne” and “Tatemae”

Depressed Again… Naturally!

My earliest clear memory of elementary, school, kindergarten, is of being ignored and friendless. I didn't know why that was. It just was. I walked the playground alone. I doubt I could have named half the members of my class. We all have a self-image that tells us who we are and how to act. … Continue reading Depressed Again… Naturally!

Science, Truth and the Social Sciences

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tzfl1wTemM The next time you see an experiment in psychology - or any controversial claim that purports to prove something, don't concern yourself about whether you support the conclusion or not. Look at the data, the procedures and possible motivations of the scientists doing the study. Assume it is wrong. Look for loose threads in … Continue reading Science, Truth and the Social Sciences