Depressed Again… Naturally! pt. 2

Micheal Phelps has high functioning depression. He has become the poster child for it. Nobody could be closer to the Lancelot ideal than he. Eight Olympic gold medals in swimming. Rich from endorsements and his place in history secure, the world was at his feet. Women wanted him. Men wanted to be him. And he … Continue reading Depressed Again… Naturally! pt. 2

Depressed Again… Naturally!

My earliest clear memory of elementary, school, kindergarten, is of being ignored and friendless. I didn't know why that was. It just was. I walked the playground alone. I doubt I could have named half the members of my class. We all have a self-image that tells us who we are and how to act. … Continue reading Depressed Again… Naturally!


Caution! Contains NSFW images... Part 1 A boy grows up and becomes a man. Ch-ch-changes happen. Muscles appear, the result of physical maturity and hard work at the gym. In my case, at first, it was to discourage bullies. Then it was to look attractive to women. Finally, it was because I loved what … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-changes!