Stuff from 23 and me

Found another biological cousin. He says his father was named Marvin. Maybe Marvin and my biological father are brothers? "Enquiring" minds want to know! I have no information about any of my bio-father's siblings. The 23 and Me site has all kinds of interesting tidbits. They have a huge collection of data from customers who … Continue reading Stuff from 23 and me

Depressed again. Naturally! Pt. 5 What works for me.

There are positive things you can do, things that will make life better. Everybody has something in life that gives some joy. Even depressed people. One thing that does it for me is music. Gimme the beat boys and free my soul. I wanna get lost in your rock and roll And drift away … Continue reading Depressed again. Naturally! Pt. 5 What works for me.

Depressed Again… Naturally! Part 4

We have drugs. We have therapy. Both may be necessary but both take control and responsibility out of your hands. You have to help yourself or it will be all for naught. What works for me is a Zen-like approach but the shrinks like to call it "Radical Acceptance." It fits in nicely with Dialectical … Continue reading Depressed Again… Naturally! Part 4

Depressed Again… Naturally! pt. 3

The theory behind treating depression with medications is that happiness is mediated by neurotransmitters and unusually low levels of them cause depression. Serotonin is most the most commonly targeted but dopamine, and epinephrine may also also be targeted. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors are yet another class. The most commonly prescribed drugs are in a class known … Continue reading Depressed Again… Naturally! pt. 3