The Wild Child Grows Old From a while ago... I’m on a long solo hike, a 17-mile loop thru the Sespe wilderness. I’m without any clothing between my shoes and my hat - but the good part starts when I forget that irrelevant detail - I just exist. It becomes the default state. If you are nervous about discovery … Continue reading The Wild Child Grows Old

Still Aspie, after all these years…

'Asperger's syndrome is considered by many in the US to be the same as high functioning autism. The DSM-5 classifies it this way.  The World Health Organisation differs and still thinks the Asperger classification to be useful. I prefer the term Asperger's simply because a person afflicted with it can be referred to as an … Continue reading Still Aspie, after all these years…

An Adventure in Figure Modeling

I used to make a bit of money from stripping and from figure modeling when I was young. I can't imagine anyone wanting me to do a pole dance these days but figure modeling is an option at any age. Art classes are about drawing the human body in all of its conditions, not just … Continue reading An Adventure in Figure Modeling


Caution! Contains NSFW images... Part 1 A boy grows up and becomes a man. Ch-ch-changes happen. Muscles appear, the result of physical maturity and hard work at the gym. In my case, at first, it was to discourage bullies. Then it was to look attractive to women. Finally, it was because I loved what … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-changes!