Academia is like the Dominoes of Pizza or the Kraft of Cheese

This is the problem of academia. They are busy trying to generate this that or the other theory and then hold the rest of us in disdain because we aren’t interested in theories that lack any practical use. The “ivory tower” insulates them from the real world.

Observations From the Spectrum

We are watching daily a trial that for all extensive purposes is occuring because an Academic viewed herself as a Teacher. Academics are not teachers. They live in a place that is inaccessible by design by most. Politics is one by those who speak to the people, not above them.

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It’s ironic that the party that is supported by most teachers is so awful at communicating their message to their constituents or voter base.

There is no magic pill or key to education with the exception of one thing. Education needs to be at the level of the student not at the level of the teacher. It’s why Academia is known as the Ivory Tower. It is unclimbable from the outside and needs each piece to be accessible from the inside. In other words, Academia is like the Dominoes of Pizza or the Kraft…

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  1. Martha Kennedy

    I almost responded to this rant, but then decided not to. That said, the current issue of Outside has an article on “Au Nature” hiking — if you can get a copy you might enjoy the article. There was also an article in their about trail running in Switzerland that was wonderful.

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