What Happens Next?

Naturist Dan discovers that there are still dangerous waters to swim if you are an open nudie.

The Cantankerous Naturist

[New here? Meet the Cantankerous Naturist!]

Forging ahead for the naturist cause!

There have been some positive developments in the saga of The Meandering Naturist over the past week, not the least of which have been messages from a couple important institutional administrators who have assured me that my right to privacy is absolute and that what I do on my own time is my own business. Period.

That’s was not the initial response, but in the end, a breath of relief.

What remains in question is the messaging that goes forth to my students, and who actually has the ability to manage that narrative. The obvious answer to that question should be… ME! It’s my narrative! While that sounds simple enough, I don’t think I need to convince anyone – progressive or conservative, religious or agnostic – that social media can be utilized as a weapon of mass…

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