Worn Stories

Netflix created a series about people and the articles of clothing they hold dear. The first episode is titled “Community” and is about how clothing -or the lack thereof – can pull people together. One of the topics they tackled was a nudist community in Florida, Cypress Cove. The nudist portion starts in the introduction and then again later in the episode – but I’d suggest that you don’t fast forward. Watch the entire episode because it is really interesting. You’ll need a Netflix account and to log in first.


Netflix didn’t try to present nudism as controversial or titillating, as many other mainstream media reports have in the past. It felt empathic and quite human in nature. The people presented are real and not just the young, the beautiful, and the fit. They didn’t avoid showing nipples and genitalia but they didn’t focus on them either.

I’m really hoping that this shows a greater acceptance of the nude lifestyle. The fact that Cypress Cove allowed cameras in to document and that so many were willing to be on-screen means that at least some nudies are coming out of the closet. It is an honest, unsensational treatment of a lifestyle that I engage in and enjoy and sometimes share on my blog.

In the past, it would have been treated like a joke. Before that, it would have been treated as naughty and forbidden fruit. And before that, it would have been treated as a scandal.

To simply be undressed ought not to be controversial.

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