Less Than Human – Horror Short Film

Yaoi Playground

Kindness towards others is a lesson we all should learn as children, but as adults we seem to forget these lessons and can grow into bitter and cold adults who forgot the beauty found in small moments of kindness. Released in 2017 the short Film Less than Human explores themes of segregation, racism, classism, kindness and that love can make even the most troubling of times bearable, which perhaps is a lesson we could all use in 2020.

Set during the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, a cure has been found for the undead and those cured ones are kept isolated from the public for fear that the cure has not completely work. After all these are dangerous zombies, monsterous creatures who in the blink of an eye can turn on those around them and tear someone to shreds or worse infect them. The public wants to feel safe so…

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