Wrapping Up “Disrobed – the Virtual Event” — Write Nude

I was lucky enough to watch a production of this back in 2019 after the 2019 LA Fringe had made it popular and given it awards. It was the direct inspiration for my own not-do-successful attempt at a nude one man play. There a new director and cast and it has been rewritten for virtual performance. This post is shared from the blog site Write Nude by Matthew McDermott.

I have been writing about the upcoming Disrobed virtual event for over a week now, and wow, it’s been quite a ride! It all started when Tim Chizmar, of Naturist Living Show fame, offered me a sneak peek at the production. This was a review version – not the final cut, missing some small elements…

Wrapping Up “Disrobed – the Virtual Event” — Write Nude

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