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Time is not a possession. It is a companion, always there and unavoidable. You cannot buy it. You will die when you die.

You cannot sell it nor can you purchase more if you are running low. Here have an hour. That will be 29.95 plus sales tax and a small shipping and handling fee. But wait, there’s more! Buy two hours and we’ll include a free heart-wrenching deathbed scene of your choice.

Whatever you do with your time, it is still your time and it will pass.

But you can waste it. You can make your sojourn with it good or ill.

The past is fixed. It cannot be redrawn. The present is but a brief moment and the future… the future is unknowable. There is no point in taking arms against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. They are old news. Write off your losses and be done with them. Where you are right now is where you are starting from. If you are starting from scratch, then so be it.

Accept the past but do not live in it. Let it flow over you and be gone. You cannot change the abuse and bullying you experienced as a child but you can neutralize its emotional content. It is without any power other than you give it. If the past hurts it is because we cling to it, wanting it to be different. That can’t happen so don’t do it.

Let it go!


  1. handydandy9

    No truer words have been spoken. Time gives, time takes , it’s what you do with it in between.
    Never except No and Can’t, get er done and enjoy the ride. You’ll be amazed.


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