The Pitfalls of Being a Public Nudist – shared

I can be fairly comfortable about being a somewhat public nudist. My wife doesn’t object. The laws in LA City/County aren’t particularly severe. I have legal and legitimate outlets outside the confines of a resort. There’s enough population base for there to be other nudie types to associate with and the people are a bit more tolerant. What generates outrage in a conservative area usually only sees amusement in the liberal big city. I have the wilderness to retreat to.

Slightly NSFW…

Public Nudist

The most I risk is social rejection from people I hardly know. And I’m glad. I’m retired. My youngest child graduated college 3 years ago. Some would have to worry about employment or repercussions on their children.

Most importantly is that I’m not female. For a woman to be so honest about her body creates a risky situation. If I were female and doing this, I could be assured of innumerable crass sexual comments and the measurable risk of a stalker. The tiny but non-zero chance of a sociopath deciding to make me a target would never leave the back of my mind, so I’d double down on security and anonymity.

I’d love to just live my life exactly as I wish without someone attacking nudists for perversion or being a danger to children or sexually aggressive. I can’t. I am restricted. The vestiges of the closet remain. Not nearly as bad as it once was but there’s still an immense pool of hostility out there.

My Asperger’s is another sore point. People don’t understand and make assumptions about me that aren’t true. Life goes on.

There are a lot of other people who feel the same hostility for what makes them unique.

Freedom never comes easily. Or as Thomas Paine put it, “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.” And as insignificant as the liberty to be nude seems in the grand scheme of life, it is a part of the greater freedom to be simply who you are.

You can’t pick apart the rights of different physical appearances from different genders from different sexual preferences from different neurodiversities from different religions from different political beliefs and different lifestyles without weakening the principles of equality, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Discrimination against someone else discredits your claim to your own liberty.  Freedom for people who aren’t like me is what has to be defended, not just freedom for people I am comfortable with.  To me, it feels like something very much worth fighting for.

The Pitfalls of Being a Public Nudist – Naked Nomad

Hey beautiful people! I recently read a blog titled, Is it ok for nudists to sell their nude pictures? The post was on the site Naked Wanderings which is a blog hosted and written by Nick & Lins. If you’re not familiar with Nick & Lins, they are a “Belgian couple in their early 30s, who love traveling the world”……

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  1. Mistressofyaoi

    I found this a really fascinating read, though not a lifestyle choice I myself would feel comfortable in. I always find it fascinating reading about other peoples lifestyles and why they work for them. The way I see things as long as you are comfortable in yourself, not putting yourself or others at risk and anything sexual only ever happens between consenting adults whatever life style choice a person has is their own business.

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    1. Fred

      The willinness to be honest like that is unusual. Yet there are women who do so. Not to arouse men but to express a central part of their beings. They do not receive the same mellow reception I get when I blog about being a nudie. Instead, there are the results I mentioned above. The openly nudist female nudist is a courageous creature.


  2. Pinkie

    While I just might be the opposite of a Nudist, I do really see the beauty in this post. It’s easy to say.. just be yourself and almost everyone says it. However when we ask.. is it okay to deviate from the standard a lot more people already say no. It is okay to be you as long as we don’t deviate.
    It is silly to condemn nudism on old values what aren’t even that relevant anymore. We follow beliefs that stem from bigger beliefs… yet we don’t believe in those bigger beliefs anymore. So it feels silly to judge people on old world values if we don’t follow the old world doctrines.

    If some religions see the body as an object of desire and ask for it to be covered .. that is sort of fine.. freedom for religion and all.. but don’t just take that opinion about a body without the proper context. Some people judge it because a majority judges it.. it deviates and is not normal.

    To me a naked body doesn’t mean anything, it is not intrinsically an object of desire, nor is it ugly or inherently beautiful. Some people look better in clothes, other might without them. If I would notice you feel restraint in clothes and things , I’d probably think you look better naked. Because it shows more Fred. (not intended funnily) me I would be more me and show more Pinkie in more clothes. I don’t think either is bad.

    Yet people keep making links.. naked means sex.. sex is bad. Nakedness is a sin.. those voices will never shut up.. no matter how far we get. Even if you find your freedom and wear..or not wear what you want.. those people will still be there and judge. So your freedom is a bit poisoned. I get that in my own way.. there will always be demons who say I am different from what I say to be or what I try to be. Either by semantics, old values by twisting facts to their favor. Never will you truly be free and never will you not be judged. Which sucks.

    However the way I see it , these kind of people who will never understand and always judge, they will shout at you regardless and not any amount of words can convince them. They can’t understand you.. they might as well be speaking a language you don’t understand. While you may hear them condemn you . .as I hear mine, know that their words mean something dfferent than they would to you. They do not know and can not know your world. When a person I rarely see.. who just uses me to get acces to certain events tried to prompt me to get them in at something in their convenience I was suddenly called friend..clearly that word had a different meantig to them as me. When someone called me a bad name, they do not know what or who I really am.. thus the word they used did not apply and made no sense to me. We can view these as harmful and never feel free or we can see them as a foreign language.. not foreign in words but in mindset. If I can not understand their words.. even by mindset.. I guess I can act like I do not understand them at al..

    I hope you find your answer as well to this canundrum and ongoing issue. As far as I am concerned, the only people that are worth of getting to know are the ones that try to be themselves rather than those who try to be normal.. so you have at least a few points head start in my book…when comparing you to those who judge.

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    1. Fred

      What a profound response! I live for replies like this.

      This is who I am. I can be no other. My heart wants what my heart wants, as does yours. You can want opposite things and still share respect and friendship.

      If that is not true then there is no hope for humans.


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